Friday, December 4, 2009

Variations of Nationalism

This week's readings were very heavy in detail, terms and opinions. I found the two readings of this week to be some of the more difficult ones to get through (especially Apprehending Transnationalism). The first reading was mainly about postnationalism. The author described the differences between postnationalism in Europe and that in the United States - which he argues is really a quasi-superimperialism rather than postnationalism in its true state. He also gave six qualities that characterized the postnational state with details on how they were missing in the United States. The one I found striking was the sense of interdependence which was certainly there in Europe, but for all intents and purposes absent in the United States. The second reading was about transnationalism and as I mentioned I had a hard time getting through it and understanding the content and arguments. I did find the author's approach of using media and films very unique and eye-opening.

The thing I found most interesting was in the second reading. The idea that just because something becomes "global" doesn't mean that it losing all character and uniqueness. I think sometimes we underestimate the uniqueness something in global society still has. For example, I do not think that specific places lose their local color just because something they do is adopted elsewhere.

I still don't understand the concrete difference between globalization, internationalism, and transnationalism; and why they are terms used only in academia with little practical purpose (as per our discussion).

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