Friday, December 4, 2009


This we we needed to reading "Apprehending Transnationalism," by Randall Halle. The article is basically about globalizations and how it is effected in the modern day. The world around us is losing the cultures that made it so great and diverse. There are no ancient cities that are exactly the same as they were thousands of years ago, obviously, but the people that live in the cities do not hold their cultures as high any more. People all around the world are drawn to these, new "things," such as the internet for example as Halle states, and this makes the distinct cultures less distinct.
The way that countries are competing now to have the most advanced new technologies come to their countries is really blending all of us together. We can walk to Japan, Milan, New York, and London and see basically the same setting anywhere.
Halle comes across at making this negative, but is it really that bad? The world is uniting on a different level, the cultures are not so separated. Perhaps one day, social life can be like this where races and people from the same background do not just "naturally" group together, because the cultural divider just disappears.

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