Friday, December 4, 2009

Transnationalism and McDonalds

This weeks reading discussed transnationalism and post nationalism. Globalization is a key feature of transnationalism. It helps aid in capitalism and other things. Globalization permits goods to be marketed from country to country but the product can still be of its original culture/domain. We also heard alot about the biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonalds. They use catchy slogans to promote their food. Depending on which country their in, the way they promote their food by commercial or billboards is unique to that country. I know from experience, in Chile they sell guacamole along with the rest of the regular menu. The sale of the countries cultural food allows for the consumer to feel at home and which will better sell their products. .
I really enjoyed this article because it was cool to see McDonalds in different countries and how far they will go, just to sell more double cheesburgers or double stacks.(lol) I also liked how they were talking about how film helps aid in the loss of culture.
I would like to further investigate how far McDonalds and other fast food stores go in promoting their products in other countries. I also want to know if you think it is a good thing or a bda thing that McDonalds does this? Do you find it disrespectful?


  1. I don't really find it disrespectful that McDonalds markets to the country that they find themselves sucessful in. I would rather that Japan have all the shrimp burgers it wants than me eating them.
    I don't think its a matter of being good or bad- its simply how it is. Personally I think its interesting that something as American as McDonalds can adapt to being another culture. Other countries seem to like McDonalds so they should have one. They also have the choice to NOT eat at McDonalds if they so desire. So i feel that McDonalds are personalizing themselves to be more widespread. Obviously, if it wasn't working than no one would be buying there crap... i mean "goods"

  2. I agree with Bethany, it's how our culture's advertising industry is. If a corporation is success it's obviously going to spread its success to other cultures. I agree with your comment of McDonald's advertising scheme- they aren't going to press a specific aspect of McDonalds that allures to American culture in Asia for instance.