Friday, December 4, 2009


This weeks reading was primarily based on transnationalism and post nationalism. I was a little fuzzy about post nationalism and understand transnationalism way better since its some what involved in capitalism. Globalization is also a main factor in transnationalism and it helps to aid in capitalism and other qualities. Globalization allows for goods to be marketed from country to country but the product is still able to keep its original culture or domain. In this reading Americanization is also touched upon along with McDonald's. McDonald's is a widely known fast food chain that has store all around the world. They use catchy slogans and commercials that suit the country their in to better sell their products. As an outside example; in China they sell spring rolls as their McDonald's along with the average menu. The sale of a cultural food allows for the consumer to feel at home and which will better sell their products. A main point from this article though is culture is being lost through Globalization. The media and film are a huge cause of this since many people have access too view other peoples cultures.
I really enjoyed this article because i thought a lot of key points about globalization were being asked and i enjoyed learning about how film affects culture spread. Also i really enjoyed how they touched on the Hollywood film studio and how they occasionally depict history that other cultures have banned.
I would like to learn more about how chain food stores or restaurants market their product to better suit their surrounding. It was really cool to think about McDonald's selling certain products to better market themselves and i wonder what they're selling in another remote part of the world.

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