Thursday, December 3, 2009


This weeks reading on Post nationalism was pretty interesting. It was written by Herein Bamyeh. In this article he talks about how globalization is related to and affected by the types of nationalism; post/trans/nationalism. However, he also spent some time focusing on art and culture. He connects nationalism with globalization or at least the modern day globalization because he says it is affected by what people are interested in. This really is nationalism because what people are most interested in usually has to do with their own country.

Bamyeh also discusses how the US does not follow this idea. He says that the United States has formed a new type of imperialism. This is true because the imperial attitude of the United States has been kept strong over the years even when the globalization period faltered and split other nations. The United States has continued to expand is large markets and grown in military. Also, the idea of how people are is beginning to change. I think this idea is interesting however very confusing. Also, I fear this idea relies too much on money and economic wealth. I think we were most nationalistic when we came together and made the United States back when all of the states were technically all different countries. I liked this reading but I think Baymeh could be slightly more clear on topics.

--- Dorothy Smith

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