Friday, December 4, 2009

Bamyeh's nationalism

This week we talked about nationalism, postnationalism, transnationalism, and internationalism. One idea that I will talk about is nationalism verses postnationalism. Bamyeh’s idea that we are living in a postnationalistic world that started after WWII happened because people could see themselves becoming more and more independent. He goes on to say that it doesn’t get any better because the wars that are fought after WWII, i.e. the cold war, were fought not on the bases of nationalism but on the bases of keeping America strong in the economic pull in the world.

This is interesting topic because it questions the idea of whether America or any other country for that matter has become less nationalistic and if we are living in a postnationalistic world. This brings up a good point about even today’s war in Iraq. There is not enough wide spread support which could have something to do with the postnationalistic world we live in.

I do believe that we are living in a postnationalism world for many reasons. One, I believe that if America was to go into a war in these times, for any reason, that there would not be enough support and seen as a way to gain on another countries resources. The same thing happened in Iraq when there were large claims of going into Iraq because of their vast oil resources. I am not saying for or against this, I am just stating fact. Everyone in the world is concerned with themselves which leaves a lot of nationalism out in the cold. This is do not necessarily view this as bad just a different direction of our country.

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