Friday, December 4, 2009


I found this week's readings particularly interesting and brought into perspective many things I had not thought about before. The main topics were nationalism, postnationalism, transnationalism and internationalism and how each was affecting globalization, and vice versa. Postnationalism was particularly interesting to me, and Bamyeh enforced that "it reintroduces into the world alternative modes of conglomeration and solidarity" (Bamyeh 2) During the earlier periods of history, separate countries were not at all nationalistic and did not have much nationalistic pride. Only relatively recently in the span of history did heavy nationalism appear, and now it's interesting that it is not being taken to another level with postnationalism. The article also bring film into the whole equation, introducing arguments on both side of the equation. Some critics say that film is completely nationalistic but I beg to differ. Film is actually something that crosses boundaries. It's not like people in America only watch American-made films, while people in France watch only French films.

Either way, I think nationalism in general is a result of globalization because without worldwide knowledge, worldwide appreciation is not possible. And with the expansion of trade and all the different advances of technology, it is very possible the there will be another branch of nationalism besides the one already mentioned in the future.

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  1. I think you made a really good point at the end, something I had not even thought about. When the essays this week talked about globalization etc. it always seemed as if that came after nationalism or because of it, but nationalism definitely wouldn't still be so strong if not for globalization and all of the worldwide connections and networks. This makes me think that maybe the term postnationalism is all wrong because the concept is made of things that not only build off of nationalism but keep it going too. I guess nationalism can't really be displayed on some sort of two dimensional timeline after all.