Friday, December 4, 2009

Trans Nationalism

Throughout this weeks readings we encounter transnationalism and post nationalism. The focus of my writing will be on transnationalism as I feel i have a better understanding. Transnationalism incorporates capitalism. In other words it follows the potential to find non exploited markets for sources of economic wealth. This draws on inter dependence of people from across the world, although not equally. A key aspect in transnationalism is globalization. Globalization has many advantageous qualities. Globalization allows for goods from one state or country to marketed in others while still retaining it's own natural "feel" or cultural domain. The article goes on to discuss Americanization, the film industry, and cultural imperialism like McDonald's who have restaurants locations all over the world, which use catchy commercial and advertisements to apparently distract the consumer from their true wants. The one view that is however left out is not commonly looked at is what it provides instead. The cultural aspect may be distorted in Capitalism, but it also bring together people from everywhere, and encourages growth as if one major producer of a product would fall another would rise to take it's place. One main point of the article is that so to say the antiquity of culture is being lost in globalization as displayed as examples given through media and film. They use such references as Hollywood to distort and portray a different history in which some nations reject, yet as many are lured into as a false truth. I found this article particularly interesting because I feel the question really being addressed here is change and globalization upon a free market centuries after the making. It has both its good and bad connotations, but at this point we need to focus on the good and improvements, any thoughts. This article was fairly difficult to piece together at certain points, so I may have misinterpreted a little.

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