Friday, December 4, 2009

Nationalism vs. Patriotism- extra credit

The entire debate in class between Nationalism and Patriotism is about the understanding of each of these terms. I feel that both are closely related to one another. To me, it’s like the theme song to Married with Children. “Love and Marriage… you can’t have one with out the other”. I feel that you might as well replace love and marriage with Nationalism and Patriotism. Nationalism is the idea of the nation as a whole complete unit, such as “We the people of the United States” being that we all belong to the United States. While Patriotism would be our love or honor of the United States, like the song “I’m proud to be an American”. Obviously you can’t be proud to be something unless that something tangibly exists even as an idea. That is, I can’t be proud of America until the idea of a national common identity exists.


  1. What if you are an immigrant? Some immigrants hold onto a sense of nationalistic ethnic based pride for their community in their homeland. However, due to the circumstances of leaving their previous country hold no patriotic ties in fact they are anti-patriotic(couldn't think of the real term) to it. It is too soon for them to develop patriotic ties to the new country. Patriotism for some takes time and an expression of worthiness.

  2. Sarah brings up a good point. Me being born an raised in America, I did not think about how it would be to be an immigrant. I agree with her last point, "Patriotism for some takes time and an expression of worthiness.