Thursday, December 10, 2009


Neoliberalism is a set of economic policies that strays away from the government sectors, and the free movement of goods and services around the world. In this reading they say that labour unions and states interfere with the free play of the capitalist market. In other words neoliberals what trade free of borders throughout countries which would eliminate the governments interjections. With opening trade to all countries and eliminating the government’s involvement, globalization would greatly improve. There have been several countries that used this tactic and had poor economic turn out for its people.
I found it interesting that the concept of neoliberalism to open up free trade to countries failed, and by failed I mean for the poor and middle class of the country living in poor conditions. Globalization can be good for a countries economy and also culture from one country to another is opened up. I could imagine that with free trade there would be less incentive for a product to be safe.
One problem I see happening after opening up free trade is immigration problems. If the trade is opened up without any regulations or involvement of the government there would be a lot of people living in countries that are not theirs. I am not saying that the government can solve all of the problems, but with their involvement it would make it harder for illegal immigration to take place. A countries economy relies on the delicate balance of people emigrating and immigrating; hence, the welfare systems would fade away.


  1. While I agree globalization can effectively benefit peripheral countries it may not have the same affect on first world countries. Although I believe immigration can be contained with a free market the role of government still can't be overlooked.

  2. I also agree that globalization can effectively benefit small third world countries. I feel that it is imperative for those countries to utilize, formulate, and create a special system of trade. Trade is an essential aspect of Neoliberalism and it is important to continue the legacy.