Friday, December 11, 2009

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The last thing we talked about in this semester was neoliberalism. Trade is very important to neoliberalists seeing as they don't think globalization is possible unless the entire world participates in trade. I can understand that point of view, because trade allows for the exchange of goods and raw materials as well as ideas, theories and morals. Without trade and the hands-on experience of a certain country, it is very difficult to appreciate the customs of that country and be willing to acquire that mindset of acceptance. But WITH trade, that task becomes much easier to accomplish.

This in turn leads to the thought of one culture. Right now, despite the fast forward effects of globilization, cultures are still very different. Each has become more accepting of other cultures, granted, but isolation is still very much in effect. But, if we continue in the fashion we are right now into the future, could it be possible that these separate cultures will eventually become one giant culture, a melting pot of the entire world under one canopy of integrated culture?

Another thing discussed during class was the issue of "copyright." All the music, movies, or the result from any creative outlet for that matter, is copyrighted, which makes it illegal for others to steal. But is it really stealing? If one person uses another person's works to provide inspiration for their own creations, how is that illegal? I think copyright has crossed the line of just being there for practical purposes and merged into the world where it's all about the money and empty rules.

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