Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Culture

The video on Wednesday’s class in global societies talked about free culture and where is it going. Today we have copyrights for just about everything and everyone’s work is protected from others benefitting off it. (Unless that is if they choose to pay that cha-ching dollar amount for these rights) It proves the point that money makes this world go round. I think free culture is an attitude that people should be able to have access to anything that is important to their culture whether this is music or arts or whatever the culture is. Brought up in class was the example of France and how they are trying to preserve their culture and block out certain parts that are not integral with their own. This is interesting because they are doing exactly what the choice of free culture represents. People need to be able to pick and choose what they want to experience is their daily lives.
My second point on this is to bring up another example on from class, was that of music rights being given to certain people. Take the Beatles for example, they have made many great songs but the rights have recently been sold because Michael Jackson owned them but he is since deceased, so this leaves the song being given away to the highest bidder. One the one side, everyone could benefit from this and all people could be using their songs for whatever reason it may be, but is this truly right? I think not, in the capitalist society we live in, if it has chance to create a monetary value, everyone will do it. It is just how the world works, who every can bring the cash wins.
In the end however, both sides are right, because like anything there is exceptions to the rules. For every 500 things you find that should be available to everyone, you can find 500 things that shouldn’t because of someone’s hard work. The argument can continue for a long time, but the mere true is this is just how society has worked, the more you fight against it the further you get left behind as you fight.

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