Thursday, December 10, 2009


So throughout the course, globalization is probably the word that i am most familiar with. For this LAST BLOG, globalization pops up one more time. Globalization is the ideology that deals with destroying the barriers that separate nations in order to make the world more globally economic. Neoliberalism is what promotes the market forces and commercial activity as an efficient way for the very simple theory of supply and demand. Neoliberalism discourages government intervention and relies on the countries as a whole to partake in globalization. The policies of Neoliberalism will create global prosperity and it was accepted by most "beginner" agencies.
Some countries, however, do not have the means to participate in neoliberalism and are not able to escape their impoverishment. At the same time, some extremely wealthy areas are actually afraid to participate because they do not want the lesser countries to attack them out of spite.

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