Friday, December 11, 2009

Extra Credit (free culture)

I think that the article about free culture was very interesting. I found that the argument that restrictions on different things actually makes us lose freedom and culture. This was interesting to me because I never thought about this in that way.
Immediately I thought of music and movies having copy writes. I feel like the only reason copy writes exist because people wanted to find ways to make as much money off of the music or movies as possible. I agree with my classmates who felt that after a certain amount of time the copy write should be lifted. I feel that music and movies are something that should eventually belong to the public because the public is the people that are exploited in a sense to make the different music and movies popular. I feel that if a person wants to continue to make money from movies or music that they should have to continue to work in the craft. I feel that artist continually making money off of old projects just reinforces wealth inequality.

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