Friday, December 11, 2009

Cosmo Gov

Can there ever be a world government? At first I thought that there was no way the human race would come together and be governed by a single body, at least during my lifetime. Although, after reading “Critical Responses to Neoliberal Globalization in the Mercosur Region,” by Heikki Patomaki and Teivo Teivainen and discussing this in class my argument has changed. In the reading the writers use the term Cosmopolitan democracy, which I have never heard of and I had to look it up. From what I got out of the term is that it is a theory of a government that was composed by a man named David Held. This theory is that all facets of the human race fit in to a single community that is supported by shared morality. This term can be used as a way to describe a world government or can just be an idea of different nations and individuals having more comprehensive relationships with other nations and individuals. These relationships are centered on the globalization that is occurring today with better political, economic, and moral understanding and unification between nations. The writers of this article center their argument on this term as well as neoliberal globalization.

I think this article had many interesting points, from what I could understand as I am not up to date on all the political and ideological terms. But, I try and look them up to gain some understanding of what is going on with current beliefs and movements. Since I have not heard of some of these ideas that are influencing our generation it is probably why my first response to the idea of seeing a world government within my lifetime, let’s say I make it till 2050, was absolutely not possible. Now, as I become more educated with the idea of globalization during the twenty first century and the current movements my thoughts are beginning to change. Although, even with these ideas out there I still think a catastrophic event like a natural disaster or and economic tragedy is needed for a world government to come together. There has to be a need for it and right now there seems to be really no need for a world government at least within the core countries. It may seem like we are alright without a world government, but I believe it would most certainly help the world as a whole.

I guess what it comes down to is when will humans stop classifying and stereotyping by race, religion, and geographic location. Until we can put our physical and historical differences behind or aside we will never be able to be governed by a single body. The thing that really makes me think is what is going to happen during my lifetime. I feel like we have been exponentially advancing as a species and during the twenty first century I think our advances will be at the highest rate. Thus, what will our generation do during this age of exponential growth?


  1. I am of the opinion that the world will never unite under one body of government. People have conflicting ideologies and would have a hard time living under a system that also served their enemies. For example, take the Muslims and Jewish. Could these two societies live under the same government? These are two peoples that have nothing but distain for each other, so to believe they could co-exist in a worldwide government is sort of a wild though. I really feel that not only in our lifetime, but for the rest of human existence the world will never be united under a complete worldwide government.

  2. I believe the idea of a world government is appealing to some people, those who want power and wealth and feel the world is controllable. But I agree with you Dan, there is just no way, at least in the next 300 years, that we could all unite. There would be too much dissent.

  3. Logan this is a fabulous post and I really enjoyed your insight. I agree with you that globalization is a tough concept to grasp and I am still learning myself. People of today need to understand that were are all people and there need not to be lines draw that separate us. Someday we will have that but not in our lifetime. And yes I do too agree a world government will happen, but it will take a big event for this to happen. Happy blogging.