Friday, December 11, 2009

neoliberalism globalization.

If the government was removed from world trade, I feel that there would still be problems and that poorer countries would still remain poor. It is a good theory but I feel like that it would not work in practice. We, as a richer nation would not pay the "fair price" on things that the poorer countries produce. Much as we pay lower wages to illegal immigrants to profit. I'm not sure that I even understood what the article was exactly talking about but I am pretty positive that it could not work.
Capitalism is all about maximizing profits through minimizing costs, and we will minimize costs at all costs. (pun intended). There are sweat shops where kids work for pennies a day, and that's in America so other countries are trying to minimize costs too. So I really don't feel that this could function on a global scale
What do you guys think could this system work?

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