Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Culture Extra Credit

Although the audio was poor at times, I found the movie we watched in class about free culture to be very interesting. Much like some of the comments I heard during our discussion in class the speaker in the movie said that because of restrictions supported by law, our freedom is prohibited and in result we are losing culture.

During class a few students voiced their opinions on the restrictions about the re-usage of work. We focused on the "copyright" and music. People commented that music should only be restricted for a certain amount of time. After the artist has died, whats the point of the restriction? That artist can't make any money off of it anymore. It may as well get used or sampled by someone else for their innovative idea.

I agree with these comments. I also have an understanding for why for people try to keep there work and the deceased work restricted. I think it is all about money, just like everything else. Of course as a person that has never a song, I would support that people should be able to use others peoples music. But I have a feeling that if people were trying to use my song I wouldn't want them to be able to. Sounds selfish but that's the way it is.

For now I have nothing anyone would want to use so I say the restrictions on music should be removed. Open new doors for other people and allow innovations. Support free culture. Or at least let me download music for free. That way I wouldn't have to steal it anymore.

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  1. I completely agree with your insights. I believe that music should be free or at least that the way that we buy it these days should be overhauled. The way we consume music has adapted, and so should the way we buy. For the most part, the major fault of the music pirating culture stems from the music industry itself, whose CEOs where too set in their ways to adapt. Instead of dealing with a problem like Napster correctly and in an innovating fashion, they simply shut it down, and spread threats of lawsuits near and high. These pirates did not simply move to legal music, instead, the worked on new and creative ways to steal even more music than before, with new tools live lime wire and bittorent, that lurk in the legal grey areas. Unlike you, I am ma musician, and all of my music is available online for download completely free. I think that if you enjoy it, you should have it, and you should be able to share it with you friends for free. I have thousand of songs in my library, all most all of it illegally obtained, and all of the music I produce is made on illegally attained software. I am a pirate, and I am not afraid to say it. We are all pirates, and when the lawyers realize that they cannot simply arrest everyone, they might start to listen to them.