Friday, December 11, 2009


So for our last blog we talked about neoliberalism. Neoliberal policies say that commercial activity is the best way to produce and supply the goods and services that our society needs. Labor unions and state affairs are said to interfere with the free play of capitalism. For globalization to succeed, many countries would need to allow trade to all countries. It would not succeed if countries only traded with certain countries. This is what economic globalization is all about. Some countries believe that by following this type of ideology the world economy would grow and also it would be better for the social well being of everyone. With the removal of these borders and barriers, corporations would grow and thus expand its market. Most developed countries have accepted neo-liberalism and thus have their corporations and economy expanded. However, less developed areas would have a harder time accepting this because of the lack of technology and development compared to the other developed nations.
I agree with the authors in the sense that all nations need to collaborate in this ideology for globalization to really take place. Even underdeveloped countries need to take part so that true globalization can take place.

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