Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Culture - Xtra credit

Free culture is the ability to have freedom to modify previous creative contents. Whether it be music, ideas, themes, art, writings, etc. I think the idea of free culture is for a good and productive cause. For our society to take previous works and use it to make other better works is only going to allow our culture to progress. For our society now not to take these previous works and advance it is like starting from the beginning. It's like our culture is staying stagnant competing with artists from every previous century. We need to take previous works to make other works of art better. I do feel like once the original creator passes away their works of art shouldn't take in any monetary funds. For deceased Christmas singers to charge anyone playing their songs on the radio I think is a little unfair. The respectful thing for them is to take credit for it but not to charge for it every time.

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