Friday, November 20, 2009

Waking Up from Sleep – My View on the Arab World Politics

    The economist special report discusses the political situation in the Arab world. According to the reading, the Arab world has experienced two decades of political turmoil and confusion. But what are the causes of this political disaster? The answer is the authoritarian rule deriving from the struggle with Israel and a division within the Arab world. War is a significant and important situation for the countries involved. Because of the religious and political struggle within the Arab countries, that led to division, thus leading to civil war within the Arab continent. The reasons for the wars in the Middle East are due to various causes. One important cause is oil. The fact that 75% of the world's oil (that being a lot of oil) is within the Persian gulf, is significant because the countries and nations surrounding the Persian gulf area would try to invade and own that specific areas. This leads to civil disrupt and a lack of agreement of the countries to come to a consensus on how to deal with the mass amounts of oil. Furthermore, another issue is the problem with Israel. The religious significance of Israel manages and enables countries to fight for what they believe in. Finally, the most significant reason for the war is the Arab states themselves.

    It is important to understand that the Arab states were divided. This division led to a combination of political ideals and agendas. The lack of democratic form of government is imperative. Not one of the 21 states that are in the Arab League can plausibly claim to be a democracy. That fact is alarming to me. The fact that I am an American leads me to believe that's my form of government (democracy) is the correct form of government and I feel that it should be adopted by the entire world. I feel that if democracy is given a shot, then the world would be more successful and a lot more peaceful place. However, the rest of the world does not agree with that logic. The great struggle for Arabians is to decide what form of government works for them and the method for them to maintain and sustain their country.

    My total view on the reading was that it was filled with fantastic imagery and insight into the Arab World. The factual details provided insight for the reader to maintain a full understanding of the text. One interesting section of the article was the part entitled "Which way will they go?" This is because it presented a struggle for the Arabians on their political situation. This presentation of choice intrigued into reading deeper and attempting to do further research on the topic.

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