Thursday, November 19, 2009

leo Africanus 4

Leo Africanus

In this chapter, Hasan was married to a beautiful granadan woman sey up by the Pope. She was raised in a nunnery. Soon after the Pope died and was replaced . Unfortunately he was replaced by a much more conservative puritanic person who then began a crusade against art in Rome. The pope ordered that all men shave, however Hasan will not. After he was founf with an anti-adrian pamphlet, he was put in jail once again. Next, this new horrid Pope was poisoned and replaced by Pope Clement. After much political upset Hasan and his family finally are able to return to Tunis.

It was interesting that Hasan insisted on not shaving his beard. It seems like such a simple thing. Yet he risked his safety and the safety of his family. He kept it because it would have been humiliating. To shave would be the straw that broke the camels back. I would like to think of what I can compare this to today… like what would qualify as an equal idea of not wanting to shave you beard. And is it likely that people would act the same way?

---Dorothy Smith

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