Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modern Middle East

A question in the discussion of lecture asked how important the source of oil was to the Middle East and to countries. Obviously, modern Middle East has mainly been a concern for the oil that is available there. According to IAGS 66% of the Middle East regimes are in control of the oil reserves today, the highest being Saudi Arabia of course. Many countries are trying to increase their oil production to take away the Middle East's power over the oil industry. I would say that oil is VERY important for the Middle East because that is one of the main sources of trade it has with most countries, and it's hold over them. In the United States however many companies and such are trying for a new source of energy to over take the oil industry. Although, America is dependent on the Middle East for oil, it is also very abundant in other energy sources that can be cleanly and cheaply used in such activities as fueling our transportations. However, even with the emergence of "other resources" America can still not function properly without oil and/or natural gas in the picture; two resources that we are not wealthy in. An article by Reuters on Thursday November 19, 2009 stated that major oil companies are pressing the issue of oil on Congress. The companies are expressing the interest of opening more offshore areas to drill for oil and natural gas, so that America does not have to depend on outside sources. Even with the rise of energy knowledge, oil and natural gas are going to be very important in our rise of future energy. I believe that America will be relying on the Middle East and elsewhere for oil for a while.


  1. Interesting.. I was actually wondering what would happen to the Middle East if we stopped needing them for oil. Initially, resources is what brought the West over there (and trade routes, but those are obsolete now). So i think that if we stopped by oil, the middle east would become more internally economic. And I would assume that the West would generally end its relations. Not to say that it would be completely ended but i feel like we wouldnt care about the middle east as much.

  2. Interesting post and comment. I wonder that if the U.S. (and/or other non-oil Western countries) stopped buying oil from the Middle East, then the Middle East would experience an economic depression, which would be devastating. However, like Bethany said, this could have the effect of making the Middle East more internally economic, but I'm sure that would be such a good thing.