Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leo Africanus

In the last part of the novel we see many developments with Hassan and his relationship with the clergy. Hassan is asked to mary a Grenadian woman. This woman was formely studying to become a nun but asked the cardinal if she could get out. The cardinal grants her wishes and Hassan is asked to marry her.
After the passing of the pope a Pope Adrian takes over. This pope is much more conservative than the previous one. He condemns art and even decrees that every man should shave their beard. Hassan runs into conflict with this pope. He refuses to shave his beard. He is also caught with a pamphlet which talks against Pope Adrian. He is jailed and not released until Pope Adrian is poisoned and a new pope takes over.
Eventually Luther’s fanatics reach Rome where they pillage and sack the city. The pope, as well as anyone with him are in grave danger. Hans, a former student helps him get to Naples where they make plans for Hassans return to Tunis.
I really enjoyed this book much more than the other readings. I found it as entertaining as it was informative. I am glad this reading was part of the course.

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  1. I also found this book interesting. Each section was just as interesting as the others. It never got repetitive or dry. Good choice for this course!