Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Age of Empire 3

Nationalism was on the rise as a result of democratization. Education and technology continued to boom in the upcoming consumer society. During this time period, nationalism began to integrate into politics. People began to indentify themselves as citizens of a country or members of a community. A fervent connection between the state and individuals developed because of the individual’s ability to make decisions in a democracy.

Many women joined the workforce for the first time. The new trends of marrying later and having fewer children helped make this possible. It was important for the war that women went to work because it created extra support for the family and the women replaced the men in the factories, producing materials used in the war.

Language was an important tool and interconnected to people’s feelings of nationalism. This concept made me think about the languages I would like to learn because I know that from a foreigners perspective it is much more difficult to understand or immerse oneself into a culture.

I wonder what would have happened if nationalism did not reach the height that it did. What would have happened in WWI if individuals did not have such patriotic feelings towards their own countries?

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