Friday, November 20, 2009

End of Leo Africanus

In this week's reading we ended the book Leo Africanus. The end of the book follows the same form as the rest of the book.Things start going well for Leo then all of a sudden something negative happens.

Leo marries a Maddalenna who is from a nunnery. In order to marry Hasan she had to recieve special permission. Soon after shes gives birth to a baby boy. After the pope passes away a new pope arises and is much more conservative than the previous Pope. his name was pope adrian and he was not supportive of artists and non-believers.

Leo gets sent to prison because he was caught with a pamphlet that went against the Pope. While Leo was in jail someone poisoned the pope. The Cardinal replaces him and Hasan and his family attempt to move back to Tunis.

I liked the fact that the book ended on hope. Leo was finally able to settle down with a wife and child and things seemed to come full circle. After all of the series of unfortunate events this conclusion was needed for readers not to leave this book with a sense of hopelessness.

I found it interesting that the pope was viewed as an evil dictator instead of a man of God. The pope of our time has no say in what humans do to their bodies, whether they shave or not. I just don't understand what the duties and the roll of the pope was in this book.

My question is do you think people took what the pope ordered seriously because of God's wrath or the Popes?


  1. Interesting blog- I think people followed the orders of the pope because of the stigma attached to the pope, which is a combination of God's wrath and what the title of pope signifies. I believe that the Pope gained a title of power because he was seen as a direct "worker" of God. It became a norm to follow the Pope's orders because of the morals society placed in religion.

  2. I agree. I think that because people believe that the Pope "works" for God that his orders are an extension of God's.