Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of Leo Africanus

The end of the reading of Leo Africanus took place in the time before war. In this time, Science was taking precedence over religion in their culture and agriculture was soon turning into industry. Women began joining the workforce, and this brought on a mass culture of working people. But now, with all of the new information that was entering the world due to discoveries and curiosity, education was getting harder. There was too much information being spread into the culture that people could not handle all of what they were being given. Due to this overwhelming situation, experts began to develop in different fields, specifically, the fields of science.
Science opened even more doors for jobs. With all the previous advancements in world communication and travel, science became more global. The west loved science and in turn created a scientific revolution. However it divided the countries that excelled in science because of technological advancements, because they began creating war weapons and better forms of communication. The east never took a grasp on science because they were too fond of religion. They never developed the way the west did unfortunately for them.

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