Friday, November 20, 2009

Leo Africanus 2

In this section, Hasan grows into an adult. Many events happen that bring Hasan into adulthood including the death of his grandmother. This was interesting to read about because I never knew about all the traditions of death and death as a celebration. After someone dies, there are six days of mourning, twenty more days before three last days of mourning. Hasan's first experience of school was after his grandmother died when his Uncle decides he is ready. At school he meets his first friend Huran. Hasan's sister was also engaged to be wed to a bad man. We read about the hardships that come with arranged marriages as we see that there was little for Hasan's sister to do in her situation. After having to flee from Spain to Morocco when the Castilians take over, Hasan goes to Timbuktu with his uncle, where his uncle eventually gets sick and dies. Hasan falls in love with a girl named Hiba while working as a communicator and diplomat at the caravan, or mobile community. But Hasan does not marry Hiba and marries his cousin, whom his uncle wanted him to marry, and is expecting a daughter.

It was interesting to read about the concept of caravans. They were basically cities along the highway. I also would like to find out more about the celebrations after someone dies. I have always known that I would rather have a party than a funeral. I agree that life should be celebrated at death.

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