Friday, November 6, 2009


In this week’s blog the book describes the travels and events surrounding Hasan’s life. One in particular when Harun must dress up as a women to get a better insight, in the first days he goes up Hasan and talks to him as he is at his post. He couldn’t recognize him at all except for his voice. On the second day Huran had a better disguise and went on his excursion only to come back and not tell Hasan what had happened to him while he was there. Hasan lets the imagination fill in the rest as he does not tell you what happens to him on his cross gender missions. Another story in the book is about his friend or acquaintance name the Zarwali who claimed to be a poor shepherd but in reality was a stone cold bandit who has acquired his riches and fame through plundering and destruction. In one excerpt he talks about how his travels were plagued with sandstorms, salt water, burning, filth and filled with aches, the arrival of making it to the palace so he can find some much needed rest. The final section I wanted to highlight was him at the hospital. He talked how people of that time took care of the sick in their own homes and never there, because there people just stayed there until they were cured or died and most of the people there were madmen, mentally ill who were chained by their feet so they could not do harm. However this did not stop Hasan from getting to close and coming under attack from one of the madmen.
I found piracy of this section of the book interesting. It’s neat to see that even back then people still have trouble not stealing from each other. It’s a problem that will never be solved; people always will look for the easiest way to make a buck.
I wish he would have talked about the hospital more and what it was like and what it meant to the people of that area. Today we see hospitals as saviors and not places for madmen. A hospital is where you go so you do not go to other side, back then it seems it was only for putting people that you did not want in society, locking them up and throwing away the key. It is just weird scenario.

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