Friday, November 6, 2009


In this weeks reading Hasan's grandmother passes away, and there is an extensive grieving process that takes place. 30 days of mourning to be exact. During this time Hasan’s father and uncle decide that he is ready to be placed into manhood by going off to school.
The first thing I found interesting is the 30 days of mourning that takes place in this culture. The process is a bit to extensive, but they felt it was necessary to help move on. Today in our society 30 days to grieve, in my opinion, would be a good thing. Although not to the extent they did, especially with hiring people to morn. When someone close dies grieving goes on longer than 30 days, because sometimes it takes longer for grief to hit people. If that person that passed away lived in the same house going through that persons belongings is part of grief. It takes months, years or a lifetime to go through things. In my opinion, 30 days of mourning would be a blessing.
The second thing I found interesting is the fact that Hasan is brought to school to become a man, and that he was beyond his years. This I found similar to our modern system of going to college. When you excel you are able to move up, and going to college is one way to get to know yourself.

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  1. Valid points, but please expand on them - this blog post is rather short (remember - you should be writing a page long commentaries).