Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Extra Credit Blog - Exponentialism

After our topic earlier today about exponential growth in our current age (based off: I did some looking around and found that there are actually a ton of videos out there in the Did You Know series. I found 4.0 particularly interesting (and pertinent as it mentions Wikipedia) which can be watched here: - Piotr: you should really watch this one!

It's truthfully surprising how exponential the times we live in really are. If you stop and think about it, we really know that to be the case. Since the time when most of us were born- the late 80's or early 90's- I'm sure we can easily recall the insane growth we experienced, but one that we never sat and thought about, rather just took for granted. I remember being small child and playing Jump Start for kids on my awesome Compaq computer years ago. That thing was baller. But it was slow, the internet had to dial in, and the computer had a lot of issues. Just a small amount of years later (think about how little time it is proportionally, to how long humanity has been around!! A few years out of thousands?), almost everyone has access to computers in the United States, and computers that far exceed the ability of my Jump Start years.

It's almost innate for our generation to Google something (it's got its own verb now.. let's be honest) or search it on Wikipedia when we want to know the answer to a question. This is not the case for people born before us. The most interesting statistic I've ever heard (and really the most exciting!) is from the first video I linked.

"A $1,000 computer in 2040 will exceed the computational skills of the entire human race."

That only exemplifies just how exponential the times we live in are. Moreover, what's to come. Can you imagine the things we will be able to do in 2040?

And like we discussed in class... at what point in our exponential growth are we?

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