Friday, November 6, 2009


In this week’s reading Leo is starting to mature and to become a man. This passing to manhood was first symbolized by the passing of his grandmother. Leo starts school and finds a companinon that joins him in his life and on his "journey". The goal of prosecution of this time was to convert all muslims to christianity or kill them during the process. Africanus begans to tell accounts of how entire city blocks were being baptized in order to safe their family and their lives. I find it interesting that they wanted to convert all muslims to christianity and this is symbolized by being baptized. Its like they believed that just because they are forcing religion on a subgroup that they will abide by the rules. Why didnt anyone think of this and just let it be? Then history would have been forever changed.

I also find it very intersting, amazing, and relieving that the treatment of women have became a social problem in today's society. During this time women seemed as objects in regards to men. Now that awareness has been raised, at least everyone knows it is wrong to treat women this way and the next step is to act upon it. My question is were records kept of which muslims were baptized? Were there any type of certificates or documents so that other inquisitors would not kill an already baptized family?

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  1. Perhaps they did not keep records in order that they may kill anybody they chose. Many baptized Muslims were accused of practicing in private and being executed anyway. In this case, it didn't really matter for all intents and purposes if you were baptized or not.