Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did You Know??

I think its absolutely mind-boggling to think about all the information that was presented in the video. To think that society right now is prepping itself for advances that haven't happened yet, that technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before, and will continue to grow at, not a linear, but an exponential rate, astounds me. Even a mere ten years back, computers were a brand new invention, and touch screen devices were a thing of sci-fi novels. In fact, that's the way it is with many things. Circumstances that didn't exist before are extremely prevalent now, and it boggles the mind.

But, is all this technology necessarily a good thing? Is it possible that we are accelerating at too rapid a pace and that one day, we will cross the invisible line? Because the facts are, the world's natural resources are rapidly dwindling, and as it is, we are running low on essential raw materials. With this exponentially increasing development of technology, is it possible that maybe these remaining materials will be used up at an ever-increasing rate as well, and soon, we will be left with nothing??

It's all a very scary through process, but its okay, because the world's supposed to end in 2012 anyway. Well, so the Mayans predicted. We'll see if they're right or not in due time. :)

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