Friday, November 6, 2009

Leo Africanus 2

In this weeks reading Hasan's father decided it was time for Hasan to start school. Hasan proved to be a very smart student. At the school Hasan met a new friend named Harun. They were very close, fast.

During this Year, Melilla was conquered but the Castilians and then the Christians began to fortify the city. All of this movement was scaring the refugees in the area. Also, Harun and Hasan were exploring and creeping around the taverns when they saw Hasan’s father in one of them.

In these chapters and during this time people were tortured and if they refused Christianity you could be put to death because of it. However, it was that if you were Muslim and you did not rebel but if they did not it they were not expected to have a punishment. Also during this chapter Hasan got a job to help support his family.

Also in these chapters Hasan and Harun decided to dress up like women to spy, a lion attacked the house where his family lived even though no one was hurt, and more. Hasan realized he was aroused by his sister who was about to marry and make their father proud because the man she was betrothed to was wealthy. However, Hasan had heard bad things about him and was unsure of the bond. When Hasan expressed these thoughts with his father they got into a huge fight and were no longer close.

Then, unfortunately, Hasan’s sister was accused of being sick and was taken away to a leper colony. And Hasan wanted nothing more than to get her to a safe place again.

This book has man details and is very interesting. Also, poor Miriam, Hasan’s sister, seems to have a really hard life. It is really crazy to think that people were persecuted so much for their religion and put away in communities when they were sick and forced to marry people they were not happy with. It is amazing how much the world has changed.

--- Dorothy "Bunny" smith

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