Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog 9

This week's reading of Leo Africanus the story digs deeper into the life of Hasan. The story begins with Hasan's grandmother dying. This tragic event displayed the traditions Muslim practices for a death in the family to the reader. At this moment Hasan is 8 years old. During this time of mourning Hasan's family decided he should focus on school and prepare for college. Hasan being the intelligent young man that he was, knew he needed to focus on remembering the Qur'an in order to reach college faster.

Shorty after, Granada was taken over by the Castilians. Most of the Muslims fled to Fez. Hasan settled in Fez and continued focusing on school. He ended up at a very nice school in Fez and met a good friend Harun, who is described as being very mischievious. The Castilians and Christians moved along the coast of Morocco, taking over any opposition. Hasan's family and many others in fear kept moving, in hopes of keeping away from trouble. Throughout his travels, Hasan remained focused on school.

A situation arises that I found to be very interesting. Hasan's sister was to be married to a man named Zarwali. Zarwali had a bad reputation for the way he treated women, specifically abusing them. Hasan stayed true to his innocent, guy good role and objected to his sister marrying an abusive man. Hasan's father stayed to his selfish, greedy, almost villian like role and totally supported the marriage, but only because Zarwali was a wealthy man. The father and son end up butting heads over this situation. I can't imagine being a father and being ok with my daughter marrying an abusive man.I was happy Hasan stood up against his father and voiced his opinion in what was the right thing. I have found the more and more I read, the more I dislike Hasan's father.

Living in today's society, in the US, I can't imagine having to pick up and run away from my home because of my religion. Does anyone have any thoughts on how they would feel if a situation like that occured now?

-Justin Lovett

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