Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conclusion of book

The last chapters of this book have ended in a transitional period of science, religion, peace and war. New concepts of science were emerging into life with the development of industry, and machines and guns for war, and it became harder to understand. New ideas were starting to come out with led to progress which became a beacon of opportunity to new people. Industry was starting a new revolution from a predominantly agricultural society. A lot of the industry starting to be created was created for WWI and the technology needed for that war. The machines and guns were made by the new industries that were needed. WWI was a war that encountered major advancements for its time. Religion suffered for the western world with the rise of science and education. This was an age where reason was taking over, due to the rise in Nietzcheism and through education since science was becoming more advanced.

The importance of science to the western world had an increasing advantage for war. Chemical weapons were starting to be figured out, and the advancement of their guns and machines used were starting to be made with more skill. If the western world at this time were to start a massive attack on a “tribal” culture than the technology advancements for the developed countries would sure end many “tribal” cultures. The western world also used technology that created an arms race between many countries, and competition is not always bad. The advancements in technology led to globalization, and with that a country can communicate more effectively. The spread of the technology creates a competition that can bring a discovery to a more important stand point. A disease for example, can be found by one scientist but can prevented from spreading by a scientist in a different country.

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