Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog 7

A lot of information was covered in these chapters. There was a new age of science. One that went far beyond what the world as used… so far in fact that many people did not believe and even tried to punish these new scientist. Also, while science was growing so was art. Along with this growth was the growth of knowledge. People were thinking of new ways to think right and left. However, in the midst of all of this growth, organized religion was being left in the dust. On the other hand, most of these advances were taking place in the western world so those countries that lay beyond were still in a more traditional time.

All of these advances and growths seem to me like a big step forward. However, they came with a price. It seems to me that the more a country developed itself scientifically, educationally, etc. the more likely it was to find a war to enter. During this time, war and revolution were on the mind of almost every man in the west. And unfortunately, it seems like they took out their desire on the periphery countries.

This began an age of fighting. With education and scientific and technology advancements came the knowledge that people could change the way they lived their lives. They were able to realize that they were not stuck in their ways and the ways of those who ruled over them. People began to understand that they could be independent. And they could have their own voice if they just put it out there in the right way.

Personally, I think this time was very important despite the blood shed. I feel like this is the time when people started to realize what was rightfully there. Without this time period, I think our society today would look completely different and I don’t think I would enjoy being a part of it.

--- Dorothy Smith


  1. Your post was very interesting. I was also interested in this new age of technology as a new age of growing art and culture. It seems that some times, in spite of the horrors of war, that something positive can come to humanity, such as an particular advancement in technology or science that can be to humanity’s benefit.

  2. It's sad to see how these powerful countries would attack these weak countries to gain or prove their power. And I feel like it's true that, that time period allowed for countries now to be shaped. We know now who the powerful countries are and who are our allies and whos not. It took everything to the extreme to see who would be there.