Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog for week of the 19th

From the discussion questions, I think people rebel because most obviously they do not agree with authority. In some ways, people feel that just stating your disdain for certain government platforms and regulations isn't enough and isn't justification enough for why you are against said platforms; these people want action and see that the only way to make a statement and perhaps make a change is by implementing rebellions or protests to make their voices heard to whomever is listening. Those "rebels" who deface buildings and cause violence in certain terms, are defeating the purpose of their cause: people only see their violence and therefore the rebels' ideals are blundered. While, peaceful protests may still not accomplish all, they are still standing for their cause by not turning to violence (usually their cause surrounding anti-violence in some way). Like that of the Tiananmen Square protests- the protesters were peaceful, but because they stood for exactly opposite of the government, the People's Liberation Army killed hundreds and injured many more protesters. While, the events that happened are sad and unfortunate, the Chinese government was seen in condemnation for their violent acts, therefore the protesters somehow proved that without Yaobang, there was corruption, even if it was through sad and horrifying ways.


  1. While i find your blog interesting, does peace full protest really accomplish change when standing to revolutionize a government? While i agree "rebels" that associate themselves with the cause are not always out to do good, but there is a central theme that is to be accomplished by the revolution. Almost all revolutions have to involve some military application due to the fact that the governments will just not lie down and be over run. The world would be nice if peaceful protest revolutionized governments, but for the most part armed rebellions accomplish at least the aspect of change in the government.

  2. Yeah, I agree with your statement..I do believe that peaceful protests for the most part may not accomplish its intended goals and thinking that everything should be peaceful and will have success is naive, I just believe that violence is almost a contradiction.

  3. Valid points, but please try to write a little bit more. Rember that your blogs should be about, on average, a page long, not a paragraph long.