Saturday, October 24, 2009


The end of the book, chapter 10, 11, and 12 was focused mainly on science of the period leading up to world war I. The book tried to show how science influenced people and thought og this time. Along with science came the aspect of religion which was dying down pretty steadily. Religion began to lose control an people looked towards education for further enhancement of their own. Many new developments of a way to better the human life were achieved during this era because of the peoples hunger of obtaining and soaking up new information and knowledge. Seeing that the people themselves could dsicover the truth behind whats been told led up to a revolution. I like how the book showcased how important science was and how it gave us as readers of today's society, what people back then were trying to achieve with science. In todays society we view science as when is the new touch screen cell phone coming out. And to compare todays to back then is very interesting and "amusing to me. My question is: Why did religion play such a backseat to science when religion is one of the main dividers of the human race today?

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  1. Valid points, but please try to write a little bit more. Rember that your blogs should be about, on average, a page long, not a paragraph long.

    As for your question - it is indeed a question that many have been trying to answer since then. You could expand your post by discussing possible answers.