Friday, October 9, 2009

Reading Reaction Post

The reading this week deals with a sort of revolution both in the major form of government and the make up of the economic population. The book mentions the routes of democracy in acient Athens and then chronicles attempts and milestones achieved by countries working towards democracy over time. The turn from monarchies to democracies is a large step taken by the people which required a good deal of organization to pull off. A great deal of nationalism and the deterioration of poly ethnic states lead to a consolidation of people who shared the same ideas as to who should rule and how. The people switched from a largely agricultural and crafts based economy to a more urban and industrial economy. Because of this people moved to more urban areas for an easier life style. As people came together in their jobs and in their home life different ideas began to sift through the population. Many of these ideas became popular and sparked mass politics and organized groups. This took the government of the time from democracy to communism with a brief stop at socialism for some.

I find it interesting that the change in the economy can result in such a drastic change in the mindset and general outlook of a country's population. I do not, however, fully understand how this shift from the agricultural societies of old took place.

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