Thursday, October 8, 2009

AoE Commentary 5

The start of the industrialization era led many to abandon their old professions namely farming. New jobs for unskilled laborers were in heavy supply. As a result, the composition of many nations’ workforce dramatically changed. This growing population of workers sought political representation. The new class of workers wanted higher wages and less separation between the wealthy capitalists and common worker. The political party which best represented their ideals was the socialist party. This time period saw a rise in socialism throughout the entire world. Although socialism became more influential across the world, it became extremely popular in Europe to the point where the party was able to hold majorities of power.
After reading this part of the book I understand the inevitability of industrialization and thus a new class of workers. I would expect these workers to demand power since they are such a vital part of the economy. It makes sense how workers gravitated to the socialist party since it represented the common worker best. I question the political makeup of Europe today if it weren’t for this event in history. Would there be less socialist influence?

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