Friday, October 9, 2009


Democracy seems to be a very complicated idea and body of government. Today, in America we have a representative democracy, where there is a lack of interest in local politics by the masses, specifically younger persons of my generation. P. Diddy had the whole “Vote or Die” campaign and I must say, I didn’t vote and I didn’t die. Therefore P. Diddy is a liar much like many politicians.

I feel that the rise of democracy gave an opportunity for workers to involve themselves in politics as it was seen as a way to improve their circumstance. I feel as if the masses involved themselves in politics for purely personal reasons and that they cared more about issues directly related to them instead of national issues.

The Industrial Revolution increased the population in urban areas and decreased the amount of agricultural workers. I wonder however if agricultural production remained the same. Along the whole lines of “a man’s gotta eat”, wouldn’t production have to remain stable in order to feed the masses?

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