Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog #5

Part 1:
Between 1880 and 1914 the dominant class found that parliamentary democracy worked well with the capitalist regimes. This was a very new concept in Europe. Social revolutionaries were very disappointed by it. Marx and Engels always favored the the democratic republic. They enjoyed this concept because it allowed for proletariat political mobilization and would eventually lead to the confrontation of their exploiters.In 1917 Lenin had an opposing view. He felt that a democratic republic would just lead to a "political shell of capitalism". He goes on to say that there would be nothing that could potentially shake that power. His argument is largely debated because he did not distinguish between both the economic and social circumstances that were able to protect states from social upheaval.

Part 2:
I find Lenin's argument very interesting. I would enjoy to see if Lenin or Marx and Engels were right. In my opinion I think Marx and Engels were right because I feel in a democratic republic the proletariat would have more of an opportunity to get into political power and then confront their exploiters.

Part 3:
Who do you feel was right in regards to democratic republic? Why? If you believe Lenin was right what imporvements would you make to his argument?

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