Friday, October 2, 2009

Post #4

Part 1:
China was hands down was the most advanced in technology and also had a very large population in the medieval world. China increased in strength over many years by way of state organization, "intellectual sophistication", and peasant production. While the Sung Dynasty was in power there were threats from "barbarians" from the north which soon lead to the Mongol conquest, and their rule of the entire country under Yuan; this marked China's highest point of premodern achievement. China's large population was a testament to their high achievement. According to the People's Republic, in 1190 China had 73million inhabitants. Just before the Mongol conquest, China's populations in Chin and Sung were roughly 100million people. The World system in the 13th century predicted that China would continue to grow and expand with power.

Part 2:
I find it interesting that even with China having such a large population that they were still able to be invaded by the barbarians. I feel as though China had a lot of pull and great numbers so they should have been able to prevent invasion.

Part 3:
What do you think China could have done differently to prevent from being invaded? Also, do you believe if China had never been invaded that they would be more advanced then they are today?

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