Sunday, September 27, 2009


I did not experience G-20 first hand because because I made sure that I stayed away from the tomfoolery, but I did to hear various takes on the events that took place. From various students I talked to that stay in the dorms they spoke a lot about the police being very harsh on innocent students. I heard stories of students being attacked and beaten by police officers, mass amount of innocent students being tear gassed or shot with rubber bullets, and also different dorms and the library being locked down. From the protesters standpoint the few I talked to felt they were being peaceful protesters and unlawfully attacked by police. It seemed to me, from the point of view of an outsider looking in that many protesters that were being violent with no purpose or real cause ruined it for the protesters that really had causes they wanted heard. When I was in 7 eleven the other night there was an older white woman in their who was telling one of the cashiers in there how disrespected she felt when officers told her to go home when she was being nosy trying to see what was going on. She told the cashier that she and her husband looked like Leave it to Beaver and could not understand why the police were rude to her. I found this interesting because she felt that in some way she was above everyone else and that the police could not tell her what to do. Even though I do believe that the police used excess force in certain instances I believe that college students should have just stayed home instead of being in the middle of all the chaos. Even if you are an innocent person if your in the vicinity of angry protesters there is no way for the police to know that you are not with them.

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