Friday, October 2, 2009

Extra Credit blog- G20

Wow. Living on a college campus in Pittsburgh at this time is quite an experience. This year we were right in the middle of the largest political get together. Before the G20 came i was hoping it would be a really great experience for Pittsburgh. However, now i do not necessarily think it was good thing. Yes, Pittsburgh is now on the map; people know it... but how do they know it? I kind of get the impression that although the G20 was located here, Pittsburgh did not have much to do with how it was controlled. The city was under Marshall law and it didn't seem like Ravenstall had much to do with it.
I think that the way the police acted was completely inappropriate and out of control. Obviously the government expected much more mayhem than they got because the cops seemed like they were itching to use their weapons. Most of the protests were peaceful. There was one group that got roudy but with proper police action nothing bad should have happened to innocent people. Also, i heard that thw most damage that was done in Oakland (all the smashed out windows) was mainly done by one person. And it was after this, when the police saw the damage on Forbes, that they began to lash out at "protestors" when really they gassing curious students. I mean, that is why we are students. We are curious. We want to learn. You can't arrest someone for exercising their rights. I felt as though a trigger went off in the police officers' heads and they went on a rage rampage. They seemed like they came so prepared to bust down rambunctious protestors that when there wasn't enough of them they took their actions on students and bystanders. They acted inappropriately and I am disappointed the force that is set up to protect the citizens of the USA. I think The University of Pittsburgh should sue.

--Dorothy smith

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  1. I totally agree with you regarding the police presence and the actions they took upon curious college students. As US citizens we have the right to lawfully protest and I felt the cops were just looking to arrest everyone, they went way overboard. Some 30,000 protestors were expected and once police realized there was never going to be that many they just needed something to do. I understand their need to be cautious but this pushed the envelope, I felt that citizens rights were violated.