Friday, October 2, 2009


The Age of the Empire shows how the world looked during 1875 through 1914, and a lot had to do with the explosion of technology and different world of economy was booming. Europe became more industrialized which lead to new army technology and new pathways like railroads and bridges for trade movement. The differences between the rich and poor areas were becoming clearly defined, and the differences between the cities being a hegemony and the counties being agricultural. Britain, who was on top of the trading pole, started to depress which gave way for new economies to rise above.
On thing I found interesting this week was the reading being a lot easier to read because it was more interesting. I think it was more interesting because I can identify with the history and the up and downs of the economy. Another thing I found interesting was the history before America started their rise.
Technology is extremely important to the progress of a countries economy because it gives them a way to judge what is going on in that country. Even though the wave shows the dissipation of the economy after information and technology it is still important. If the cycle is true then that gives a clear picture of where the country is, but if it doesn’t it still shows what they have accomplished. Technology has a way to create pathways for transportation which brings more trade which brings more money and prosperity.

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  1. I agree with you one hundred percent. I think this book is more interesting to read than the previous. It really was easier to read, understand, and relate to. Growing up in the time that we have, we have seen a major explosion in technology. We have lived and experienced it. Because of this we understand the importance and impact of technology for a countries economy, thus making this week's reading far more interesting.