Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blog 4

During this week we finished the book Age of Empire by Eric Hobsbawn. It basically described the world druing the time period of 1875 – 1914. The booked talked alot about imperialism and specifically how it affected the United Kingdom. Initially, iimperialism was thought of as being postive and a step in the right direction towards a united country. It had a HUGE economic and a HUGE cultural impact. Even though it made these positive advances, it did not help the relationship between the metropoles and dependencies. Britain created a new imperialist expansion with South Africa being its main comepetition. Britains, seemingly, easy success was due to the exploitation of Britain's already existing position as a BIG TIME inporter. South Africa, India, and Egypt were all independent projects for Britain. With imperialism, Britain took a large share of the new regions. therefore gaining control of its biggest competition by controlling the dense parts of Africa.
This book taught me alot about imperialism and its purpose. Although it was indeed a strong and smart thing to do during this time; I am happy it did not make it to modern society's of today, such as America. I really did like this book, well the things i remembered, and i think future classes can definitely benefit from this book and the things it talks about. It provides alot of knowledge

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