Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blog 7

During the readings for this week we continued reading the book by Hobsbawn. He continued to tell of the growing European powers and how it lead to social stratification. Eventually recognizing the social stratification led to a revolution. A revolution can go either one of two ways. It can lead to a change in thought, therefore chosing to live life differently because of the change or its a further reinforcement of tradition. During this revolution, it was all about science and technological advances. medicine, sociology, technology, and other sciences were all pushed to the extremes. People became fascinated with science, it was almost like science was magic. Hobsbawn called science the king of mental domain. People finally were able to separate their faith and their reason.
I remember having a discussion in class about technology during this time and why people of this time put so much emphasis in trying to advance it. I could understand why and how people were so interested because they never seen anything like it because during those times there seemed to be no explanations to certain events. Now when things that seem to be magic, people of our time can attribute it to some type of scientific fact.

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