Saturday, December 19, 2009


I find that the internet is a great thing with millions of possibilities. The internet is still a very young invention and still has a far way to go before all the information in different books and such can be found on there, but I feel that it will not be long before everything can be found. I found it interesting that in the movie Cyberspace declaration of independence that it was said the way information is regulated on the internet is wrong. I believe that technology is developing at rate that is suitable with everything that is going on in the world. I also believe that the video format made it hard to take the point of the video seriously. I do find that both patents and laws are very good things. Some information needs to be protected. I think some people can not handle having certain information at their fingertips because they may misuse it. I feel that because people invented the internet that they should be allowed to regulate it. I find that the government regulates everything else so it shouldn't be a surprise that the internet is. I feel that as time passes and technology advances certain copy writes will not be needed.

-Teresa Green

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