Monday, November 9, 2009

Recently in class we discussed the exponential growth of knowledge in the world today and where we are. In the talk I do not want to bring in other facts but discussed where I think we are in the exponential growth chart. If you think about what the curve looks like you will see that it will remain flat and the start to grow, grow, and spike up to the top of the graph. In my opinion, the world today is just at the bottom where the line begins to turn upwards. I think this because of all the knowledge we have in the world today is just the tip of the ice berg if you will. The video displayed in glass showed that perfectly. Today we are beginning to know so many that we are training our children for jobs that have not yet been created. This type of mass knowledge has just started in the beginning of the twentieth century and I wonder, could you easily point to the growth of the human race knowledge to the power we know as globalization? It’s serious though to how we live today, information is literally on your fingertips, site such at Wikipedia, Google, and facebook offer definitions, resources and social connections we cannot have even thought about fifty years ago, and again to all points back to globalization. The world I shirking and the amount of knowledge of kid will know will be astronomical, if we can get on the internet and find out a bio about anyone, and this has started just within the last five years, imagine what the world will be like in 50, esp. if you think that the exponential growth will continue.


  1. You bring up very excellent points. But I ask you- do you think there is a limited amount of knowledge in the world? I suppose there can't be due to innovations in science in technology. But I mean once you know everything about a certain subject... theres nothing more to know about it. Can't the same be said for knowledge in general?

  2. Since we are in the age of exponential growth of science and technology there will always be more to learn. There is never a point where someone will know everything about a specific subject, that is impossible. You learn something new everyday, and if you work in a specific field there is always new ideas leading to new knowledge. Also to address the video. At one point there was a bit about a computer being more knowledgeable than the entire human race. I believe this is unrealistic, because like i said earlier there is always more to learn. Each new person has new ideas which leads to new knowledge to share with more people.